Establishment of RECOM

First Consultations with Women, Victims of War Rahovec/Orahovac, Kosovo, 4th December 2010 The Initiative for REKOM

The Initiative for REKOM (for establishing a Regional Commission for finding the facts of war crimes and other major violations of human rights committed in the wars of 1991-2001 in the territory of former Yugoslavia) launched the first national consultations with women, victims of war on 4th December 2010, in Rahovec/Orahovac, Kosovo.

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Press Release of the Coalition for RECOM

The Coalition for RECOM would like to extend its apology to Vladika (Bishop) Mihajlo, head of the Montenegro Orthodox Church, because of an unpleasant situation occurring during a regional consultation with leaders of religious communities in Sarajevo on November 4, 2010.
Hoping to offer an opportunity to all religious leaders from the region to participate in the regional consultation on the Initiative for RECOM, we underestimated the existing conflict between some of the churches, thus causing an unwanted situation for participants. We thank Vladika Mihajlo for accepting our suggestion to leave the gathering, which made this consultation possible.
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The Seventh Regional Forum for Transitional Justice: There Can Be No Reconciliation without the Voice of the Victims

The Seventh Regional Forum for Transitional Justice ended with the conclusion of participants that the activity of the future regional commission must be based in three core principles: the ability of victims to voluntarily approach, the mandatory cooperation of states, and the independence of body of RECMO- the Regional Commission for Establishing the Facts about War Crimes Committed on the Territory of the former Yugoslavia.
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President Josipović Supports the Initiative to Create RECOM

President Josipović supported the idea of civil society organizations in the post-Yugoslav states creating RECOM, which will be focused on determing the facts about the victims of recent wars waged on the territory of the former Yugoslavia.
President Ivo Josipović also stressed the importance of making a clear distinction between the mandate of RECOM and the competency of existing government bodies. He expressed his personal willingness to cooperate in the future with the advocates of the Coalition for RECOM, and to give his own contribution to the implementation of this initiative.
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Justice can only be served with justice

In the course of national consultations with religious communities on the creation of a Regional Commission for establishing the facts about all victims of the wars waged on the territory of the former Yugoslavia in the period 1991 – 2001 (RECOM) the religious communities supported the creation of a regional body tasked with dealing with the victims of war crimes committed on the territory of the former Yugoslavia.
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Opinions and statements of organizations that withdrew from the Coalition for RECOM

By mid May 2010, the Coalition for RECOM had held 80 consultations with different civil society groups and six regional forums on transitional justice which were a platform for a discussion on the goals, the mandate, the selection of the members of the Coalition and its composition, basic activities of the regional commission, the needs of the victims, as well as the interim results of the consultation process.

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