Film as the Voice of Victims

Using Facts about the Wars in the Former Yugoslavia for Film The Tenth Forum for Transitional Justice in Post-Yugoslav Countries   by Lazar Stojanovic Stories about the wars in the Balkans during the last decade of the twentieth century are still prevalent, not only in local cultures...
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Državljan A.T. – A film by Dimitar Anakiev

Državljan A.T., 55 min, HD, Anakiev Production, Brusselles-Radovljica, 2010 Documentary about Erased from...
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Plays Dealing with Yugoslav Wars

The session dedicated to The Use of Facts in Artworks at the Tenth Forum for Transitional Justice, an introductory video was presented with segments of six plays that deal with the war in Yugoslavia and the facts related to it. An introductory video was screened, with excerpts from six theater...
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Children Like Any Other by Pjer Zalica

The film Pjer Zalica about children in Sarajevo during the siege was filmed in 1992-1995. Several different stories are connected by a toddler who rides around Sarajevo under sniper fire on a small tricycle, chanting haiku he himself came up with: “It was happy, and it was horrible...” With...
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Depth Two: Facing up to our own crimes

by Vladan Petkovic, BERLIN 2016 Ognjen Glavonić is the first Serbian filmmaker to tackle the...Read more

Dva lica pravde – Dokumentarni film

Dva lica pravde je istraživački dokumentarni film koji 20 godina nakon osnivanja Međunarodnog...Read more