Macedonia Refuses to Face Its Troubled Past

Macedonia has yet to face up to what happened in its 2001 conflict with Albanian rebels, says Biljana Vankovska, an advocate for Balkan reconciliation initiative RECOM.BIRN: Johan Tarculovski was the only ethnic Macedonian convicted by the Hague Tribunal of war crimes after his police unit killed...
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More than 30,000 people killed, 2 million people expelled

 Omer Karabeg (Radio Free Europe): We are talking with Nataša Kandić of the Belgrade Humanitarian Law Centre and Vesna Teršelić of the Zagreb NGO the Documenta Centre for Dealing with the Past. In September last year, activists of the RECOM Initiative sent the presidents of all the states in...
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Kandić: Victims must have their human image restored

 The Hague Tribunal’s recent acquittals of KLA wartime commander Ramush Haradinaj and Croatian generals Mladen Mrkač and Ante Gotovina have put the issue of responsibility towards the victims of the Yugoslav wars back on the agenda.  Also being tested is the ability of the relevant states to...
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Kandić: The Special Court move is not aimed against Kosovo

  Interview for Koha Ditore: Nataša Kandić   The establishment of a...Read more

Danas-Review the Acquittals of Generals Perišić and Gotovina-13.02.2014.

  Danas daily, 13.02.2014. Interview with Nataša Kandić, RECOM...Read more