Denial is a feature of life

  Interview: Ger Duijzings   Ger Duijzings is a Dutch anthropologist and author of a legendary book, “Religion and the politics of identity in Kosovo” (London: Hurst and New York: Columbia University Press, 2000), the published version of his doctoral thesis which he...
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Humanity with a woman’s face in Bosnia and Herzegovina

By Zilka Spahić-Šiljak   “Women are people too”, the feminists used to repeat persistently, hoping we wouldn’t have to bring this up in the 21st century. But, as soon as we thought we would no longer have to talk about it ever again, it turned out that one more international document...
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Collection of Texts: Transitional Justice And Reconciliation In Post-Yugoslav Countries

The voices of institutions, religious communities, activists, academics, culture and victims   The Collection of Texts comprises the addresses, discussions and commentaries of representatives of institutions, religious communities, non-governmental organizations, members of the...
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It is glorious to forget in the name of the motherland

Nationalism, according to Ernest Gellner, is a political principle, which requires a coincidence of political and ethnic boundaries. The nationalist narrative constructs the public memory of those facts that can legitimize this principle. Anything that questions the aforementioned...
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Can a common language contribute to reconciliation?

By: Ranko Bugarski From among the many functions performed by language in the life of human...Read more

What is Political Reconciliation? Reflections on Reconciliation after the Karadzic Trial

By Colleen Murphy   In March 2016, the International Criminal Tribunal for the former...Read more

On Reconciliation

By Dragan Velikić   Just as there is no single cause leading to an argument, or to a...Read more

RESPONding to the Past must involve RESPONsibility Acceptance

By Sabina Čehajić-Clancy   Decades of research in the field of social psychology have...Read more

A New Chance for Justice

The Special Court for Kosovo is supposed to start operations by the end of the year, or so they...Read more

The 8 Supermen of the Special Court

This is not about  scores of crimes proceedings, or dozens of individuals or groups – but...Read more

What do we talk about when we talk about reconciliation?

By Heleen Touquet   There is no consensus about how reconciliation should be defined....Read more

The Past as a Supermarket

By Dragan Markovina   Although the periods when one could nurture rational optimism...Read more