BIRN: Bosnia Maps 150 Wartime Detention Sites

  A new web database shows 150 detention camps and sites used during the 1990s conflict, part of a project to map all the places where civilian and military prisoners were held in wartime. Denis Džidić, BIRN, Sarajevo The Association for Transitional Justice,...
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Sven Milekic for T-Portal – What Is So Controversial About RECOM?

Insider's view   What Is So Controversial About RECOM?   I was a bit younger, an activist interested in the events of the 1990s, when I heard of RECOM for the first time almost four years ago. I soon learned that the name was the acronym of the “Regional Commission,” and...
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BIRN: Regional Truth Commission One Step Closer To Establishment

        The coalition of groups working to establish a fact-finding commission into the Yugoslav wars, known as RECOM, amended its statute ahead of the hoped-for formation of the commission next year. Sven Milekic  BIRN Zagreb After holding its seventh...
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Hague Tribunal: Truth, Justice – and Reconciliation Too?

As court winds up its work, Bosnian communities don’t all buy into the common historical narrative it was supposed to provide. By Rachel Irwin, Velma Šarić - International Justice - ICTY TRI Issue 837, 6 Jun 14 Alen Curtic met his father for the first and only time when he was eight...
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Kandic for Politika: Crimea and Kosovo cannot be compared

  Following the secession of the Crimea from Ukraine, a number of comparisons between...Read more

Reconciliation and Agitation in Macedonia: Success or Failure of the RECOM initiative

Biljana VankovskaThe Faculty of Philosophy - SkopjeRECONCILIATION AND AGITATION IN...Read more

Balkan States ‘Must Back Truth Commission Now’

Campaigners for the RECOM reconciliation initiative said they had done all they could to promote a...Read more

Public debate on Transitional Justice hosted in Banja Luka

On April 2, 2013, the Center for Democracy and Transitional Justice from Banja Luka hosted a debate...Read more

‘Bosnian Book of the Dead’ Published

A Bosnian research group has issued a book with the names of around 96,000 victims of the 1990s...Read more