The Wall Street Journal-Eight Arrested in Serbia Over Srebrenica Massacre-18.03.2015.

    By Veronika Gulyas   Serbian police arrested eight people on charges related to the Srebrenica massacre 20 years ago, which took place in the aftermath of the breakup of Yugoslavia. The detainees are to be charged with killing 1,000 to 1,300 people in 1995,...
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BIRN: Bosnia Maps 150 Wartime Detention Sites

  A new web database shows 150 detention camps and sites used during the 1990s conflict, part of a project to map all the places where civilian and military prisoners were held in wartime. Denis Džidić, BIRN, Sarajevo The Association for Transitional Justice,...
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Amnesty International: EU accession is key to ending impunity for war crimes

The European Union (EU) must do everything it can to ensure Serbia addresses the culture of impunity for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide, committed by Serbian police, military and paramilitary forces during the wars of the 1990s, said Amnesty International in a new report...
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What Aco Todorović dreamt about?

Author: Vlasta Jalušič, Peace Institute, Ljubljana   Until the conclusion of Primo Levi’s life, which ended with suicide, he dreamt of his Auschwitz experience. Within the repeating nightmare of the concentration camp (a place without exterior), his previous life, his family,...
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Danas-Nataša Kandić: Albanian children extend their hand to us-20.12.2013.

By Nataša Kandić Five children - Saranda, Jehona, Fatos, Lirie and Genz - survived an...Read more

Reparations for Wartime Victims in the Former Yugoslavia: In Search of the Way Forward

International Organization for Migration Report The core objective of this Report is to...Read more

CE Commissioner for Human Rights: Justice and reconciliation long overdue in the Balkans

Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Nils Muižnieks has published the comment about...Read more

Transitional Justice in Macedonia and its relations with Democracy

  This article focuses on the transitional process in a society which has experienced a...Read more

Publication :: Forum for Transitional Justice

Transitional Justice In Post-Yugoslav States: Political Will And Public Support For The Recom...Read more

Presentation of the Working document of Transitional Justice Strategy in Bosnia and Herzegovina

June 19, 2012 UNDP Bosnia and Herzegovina, in cooperation with the BiH Ministry of Justice and...Read more

Government of Kosovo established Working Group on Dealing with the Past and Reconciliation

  June 5, 2012 Government of the Republic of Kosovo, in its regular session has...Read more