The Use of Facts in Artworks

The Panel on Theater at the Tenth Forum for Transitional Justice   The session dedicated to The Use of Facts in Artworks at the Tenth Forum for Transitional Justice, an introductory video was presented with segments of six plays that deal with the war in Yugoslavia and the facts related to...
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Using Facts in Film

Panel of The Tenth Forum for Transitional Justice in Post-Yugoslav Countries The session was moderated by Director Lazar Stojanovic   The aim was to examine and comment on the role of film as a means of making that view accessible to all, but also the role of film as an instrument of...
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The Campaign: Securing Signatures

A short film about the campaign of securing citizens’ signatures throughout the former Yugoslavia, composed of media reports about the campaign and statements of support from citizens and numerous celebrities, from the event itself, following their petition signing. If you believe in justice, if...
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Artists’ View of the Past: Dino Mustafic’s Film

In the documentary titled “Artist’s View of the Past” by Dino Mustafić, the director conducts a research into the position one should take in relation to the recent past, which has brought about so much suffering to all. In the search for the answer to this question, famous artists from the...
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The Past Guides the Future: First 5 Years

The film focuses on the first five years of the RECOM consultative process from a more intimate,...Read more

The Coalition for RECOM: January – December 2010

The consultation process (January-December 2010) A summary of opinions, ideas and proposals from...Read more

Regional debate on RECOM model, 01.07-21.12.2009

War crime trials are not enough. We need a War victims’ center that will investigates and...Read more

Why RECOM – TV clips

The Regional Campaign of the Coalition for RECOM Facts on all victims of the wars,...Read more

RECOM Initiative

The first film about the RECOM process, which presents proposals and views expressed during the...Read more