The Coalition for RECOM took part Sunday (May 11, 2014) in the marathons in Pristina and Skopje.

In both events, citizens expressed great and encouragining interest in the action I’m running for RECOM. In Pristina, about 100 participants ran in T-shirts with our logo and in this way gave support to the goals of RECOM. We were joined not only by human rights activists, but also by representatives of the embassies and citizens from the region and from the United States.

In Skopje, about 70 people arrived at the marathon finish line in our T-shirts, including one member of the Macedonian Parliament. In addition to the distinctive T-shirt, participants in Skopje and Pristina wore purple bracelets whicn read I’m running for RECOM.

In both events , local media showed great interest in everything that the activists of the Coalition did before and during the two marathons.

The marathons were preceded by a series of actions implemented in Pristina and Skopje in order to better inform the public about the activities of the Coalition for RECOM.

Before the marathons in Pristina and Skopje, the Coalition for RECOM took part in the marathons in Ljubljana, Zagreb, Sarajevo and Belgrade.