Local Consultations with Female Victims of War for the Establishment of RECOM


The Center for Research, Documentation and Publication (CRDP) from Kosovo, a member of the Coalition for RECOM, conducted its first local consultations on the RECOM initiative (for the establishment of a Fact Finding Regional Commission related to war crimes and other human rights violations committed within the period of 1991- 2001 in the territory of former Yugoslavia), with female war victims, on  December 4, 2010 in Rahovec/Orahovac. Thirty-two women participated in these consultations. They were from the ethnic Albanian, Kosovo Serb and Roma communities from the villages of Hoqa e Madhe/Velika Hocha and Krusha e Madhe/Velika Kruša.

A large number of the media did not respond to the invitation to attend because of the parliamentary elections that were due to be held at the time in Kosovo. However, a Journalist from ‘Lajm’, a daily newspaper, was present and wrote a good article on the consultations and the RECOM inititive.

Consultations with female victims of war


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