Debate “The Berlin process and reconciliation in the region“, Skopje 29.11.2017.



Coalition for RECOM and Center for Research and Policy Making

“The Berlin process and reconciliation in the region“

Skopje 29.11. 17:30h

Hotel Porta, Conference hall


Program of the debate


17:30 Introduction: Prof. Zhidas Daskalovski, public advocate for REKOM and moderator of the debate (5min)

17:40 Why should an agreement for the founding of REKOM be signed within the Berlin  process: Ana Marjanovic Rudan, consultant in Praxis Development, advisor to Western Balkans 6 and Advocacy Group (10 min)

17:50 Short brief about Berlin Process: Ana Marjanovic Rudan (10 min)

18:00 Importance of the REKOM Agreement for the security in the region and EU also for fulfillment of economic projects in the frame of the Berlin Process: Ana Marjanovic Rudan (10 min)

18:10 Reconciliation in the region from the perspective of Macedonia: Prof. Zhidas Daskalovski (10 min)

18:20 The process of reconciliation, REKOM and cooperation of youth in the region: Anita Mitić, Director of the initiatives of youth for human rights (10 min)

18:30 Reconciliation in the region – lessons for future strategy on transition justice of the European Union. Prof. Zhidas Daskalovski and Nataša Kandić Regional coordinator of the REKOM process (10 min)

18:40 Discussion.

19:00 End of program and cocktail.