On December 10, 2012, the Coalition for RECOM sent a letter to the Presidents and Members of the BH Presidency, reminding them that the Assembly had endorsed the Changes to the RECOM Statute, whereby the conditions were created for a new step towards the establishment of the Regional Commission for establishing the facts about war crimes and other serious violations of human rights in the wars in the former Yugoslavia (RECOM). In this letter, the Coalition submitted that it expected the Presidents/Members of the BH Presidency to reach an agreement on the ways in which they would inform the public and their respective Parliaments on the decision to jointly support the establishment of the Commission. The Coalition invited the Presidents/Members of the BH Presidency to be attentive to the proposal by the President of the Croatia that all of them, within the agreed deadline, send an open letter to the public and their Parliaments concerning their joint support for the establishment of RECOM.

On the same occasion, the Coalition informed the Presidents/Members of the BH Presidency that in the meantime it had made significant progress in documenting human losses, camps and other detention facilities in the wars of the 1990s.