The Coalition for RECOM believes that the Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals can directly contribute to resolving issues in war crimes trials before local courts – by providing expert support in building a regional prosecutorial strategy with clear priorities in the prosecution of war crimes. The establishment of RECOM, the Regional Commission for the establishment of facts about war crimes and truth-telling about the past fosters and enables the public recognition, by given name and family name, of 130,000 victims of the wars of the 1990s, which is a condition for reconciliation within the societies and between the post-Yugoslav countries. Therefore, the Coalition for RECOM invites the leaders of Croatia and Slovenia, and the Serb and Croat Members of the BiH Presidency, to join the other leaders of the post-Yugoslav countries who have expressed their willingness to sign the Agreement on the Establishment of RECOM at the Berlin Process summit in London, in July 2018. The Coalition also recommends that the establishment of RECOM be defined as an indicator of progress in the reconciliation process within the Action Plan of the Western Balkans Strategy for a credible EU enlargement perspective.

Policy brief is available here: How the European Union Can Contribute to the Reconciliation of Post-Yugoslav Countries