Veterans-Skopje, Macedonia-December 18, 2010

Regional Consultation with War Veterans on the Draft RECOM Statute   Event was organized...Read more

Students-Zagreb, Croatia-December 17, 2010

Regional Consultation with Students and Young Academics on the Draft RECOM Statute   On...Read more

Young People-Podgorica, Montenegro-December 15, 2010

National Consultations with Young People About the Draft RECOM Statute National consultations...Read more

Detention Camp Inmates and Victims’ Families-Međugorje, BiH-December 11, 2010

Local Consultation with Associations of Former Detention Camp Inmates and Victims’ Family Members...Read more

Women Victims of War-Orahovac/Rahovec, Kosovo-December 04, 2010

Local Consultations with Female Victims of War for the Establishment of RECOM   The Center...Read more

Educators-Belgrade, Serbia-November 27, 2010

National Consultations with Educators on the Initiative for RECOM   A national...Read more

Local Community-Bratunac, BiH-November 27, 2010

Consultation with the Local Community on the RECOM Initiative   The Consultation with the...Read more

NGOs and Veterans-Skopje,Macedonia-November 20, 2010

National Consultation With Civil Society Groups On The RECOM Initiative   The second...Read more

Religious Communities-Sarajevo, BiH-November 04, 2010

Regional Consultation on the Initiative for RECOM with Representatives of Religious Communities and...Read more