NGOs-Gracanica/Graçanicë, Kosovo-February 21, 2011

National Consultation With Representatives of the Kosovo Policy Action Network on Initiative for...Read more

Women Victims of War-Orahovac/Rahovec, Kosovo-December 04, 2010

Local Consultations with Female Victims of War for the Establishment of RECOM   The Center...Read more

Political Prisoners-Pristina/Prishtinë, Kosovo-September 15, 2010

National Consultation with former political prisoners on the Draft RECOM Statute Former political...Read more

Religious Communities-Prizren, Kosovo-July 29, 2010

National consultation with religious communities on the RECOM Initiative   The...Read more

Educators-Priština, Kosovo-May 28, 2010

National Consultation with Educators on the RECOM Initiative   A national consultation...Read more

Intellectuals-Priština, Kosovo-April 28, 2010

National consultation with intellectuals on the RECOM Initiative   The first consultation...Read more

NGO’s-Prizren, Kosovo-February 24, 2010

Consultation with Civil Society on the RECOM Initiative   Local consultations with civil...Read more

Local Community-Pejë/Peć, Kosovo-January 28, 2010

Consultation with the Local Community on the RECOM Initiative   Consultation with the...Read more

NGO’s-Priština/Prishtinë, Kosovo-December 19, 2009

National Consultation with Non-Governmental Organisations about the RECOM Initiative   The...Read more

Local Community, NGO’s-Mitrovica/Mitrovicë, Kosovo-October 29, 2009

Local Consultation with Civil Society and Local Community on the Initiative for RECOM   A...Read more